Milk Procurement
Milk Union is procuring milk both the time(Morning & Evening)through Dairy Co-operative Societies at village level. At present average milk procurement is around 3.30 lakhs ltrs.per day.
Total Registered DCS
There are 1149 total registered societies, Out of this 669 are women DCS. Other than this, there are 50 proposed DCS, There are total 74607 registered members, out of this 37647 are women members.
Milk Payment
Milk payment is made fortnightly to its members thorough bank. Payment is made on quality basis, i.e. Fat & SNF. Premium price paid to cow milk to promote cow milk so that milk union may be able to get more milk in summer. During the year 2021-22 we have paid Rs. 435.27 crore to our Bhilwara Districts Milk Producers.
Supply of balance cattle feed
Balance cattle feed manufactured by Cattle Feed Plant, Ajmer which is owned by RCDF is supplied at DCS round the year.Cattel Feed is avalabile in Two Brands1. General
2. Gold

3. By-Pass

Mineral Mixture avalabile in One Kg Ploy Pack
Urea Molasses Bricks
D-wormer(Vet fan) are supplied regularly
Timely Vaccinations
Ghee Sale
Milk Union also supply Ghee to its member producers through DCS.
Animal health Care
Milk Union has engaged 05 Veterinarians on self employment basis and they are placed at village level dairy co-operative societies to cater the needs of milk producers. They perform the emergency services as and when required.
Infertility camps
There is common problem of infertility in animals due to continuous draught and mal nutrition. Milk Union organized infertility camps totally free of cost basis.
To prevent out breaks of foot & mouth disease, HS & BQ, Milk Union organizes vaccination periodically for these diseases.
Breed Improvement
All activities are carried out Milk Union. Bulls for Natural Services are proveded by union from own sources/RLDB, Jaipur.
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